︎︎︎TEYOSH is a digital art directors duo based in Amsterdam and Belgrade. They tell stories and shape brands by creating bespoke visual experiences. Specialising in 3D and animation, they create for all sorts of digital touch-points, from still imagery to short videos, UX/UI and VR/AR experiences.

I was very mesmerized by their work when I first discovered it, so you can only imagine how excited I was to be their intern. I took part in creating their portfolio website, and learned first-hand about the behind the scenes of the UX/UI process. In the final phases we worked with [the best] developer duo ︎︎︎DXR Zone who brought to life our ideas and sketches.

Visual Research
Digital Assets Design
Digital Sketching
Taking Part In Creative Direction

When I was asked to work on refreshing Teyosh’s logo I knew I wanted to make a logo which is flowy and firm at the same time. The idea came from the studio’s working dynamic - they are very tech driven and artistic at the same time. I created this base with custom type elements [below] which Sofija & Teodora transformed into the final 3D model [above].

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