SCOOP is a platform for spotlighting off-center art, culture and life-style.
I created it from a personal urge to establish a free & equality driven space for collaboration, creation, showcase and discussion with a non-conformist approach to a magazine as a form.

The core of the magazine is an idea to link up-and-coming Serbian creative scene with the international one, and other way around - to share with people outside of our country a glimpse into a contemporary local underground art scene from our own perspective.

Honestly, I was very bothered by the lack of representation of Serbian creatives, and underground creatives in general, in a magazine form so I decided to take things in my own hands and fill this gap.

Editorial design
Digital design
Creative direction

Artwork by ︎︎︎Blu3.Rar3     

[created in 2020, published in 2022]

 The concept for Scoop ll is an exploration of sport in both aesthetics and practical sense; how sport  practice influences artistic methodology; and the similarity between athlete and artist.

 Artists, creatives, contributors in this volume:

Blue Rare
Josie Tucker
Richard Ashton
Ljubodrag Simunovic
Daryan Hardi
Io Servantes
Sander Van der Noort
Nemanja Stojanovic
Damiano Di Nunno
Martina Sciortino
Milana Trifunjagic
Jackie Ford
Novak Markovic
Haris Begic
Mirko Zarkovic
Filip Bojovic
Ivana Vukobrad
Anastasija Pavic
Jovana Simic
Andrej Hriesik
Dejana Jovanovic
Vojana Obradovic
Dr. Milica Lazic
Jovana Cojder
Sofija Balac

Dragana Krtinic
Milica Kovacevic


Scoop now exists in an online form, as a web magazine     
︎︎︎Click here for full experience     

But Scoop’s primary form is print

Curator/Artist Stanko Gagrcin wrote about Scoop:

“Scoop Magazine depicts the spirit of the time and place in a vivid and fresh way. However it would be difficult to pinpoint exactly which time and which place, as its sensibility is simultaneously intricately grounded in the present moment that becomes universal and timeless, and the themes they deal with are aimed at anyone on planet Earth with a similar affinities. It reminds us how important the editor’s personality is as a curator - and what happens when the selection of topics, graphic design, art direction are in perfect, unbreakable harmony.” 

Sun Salutation Tutorial created for fashion designer ︎︎︎Chantelle Lucyl 

First fitness tutorial made in 2019


The first volume was modeled around the theme of post-feminism. Since we are living in the times of post-everything this term was taken as a tool to craft the content that equally explores, reacts, and questions the post and the feminism part.

Artists, creatives, contributors in this volume:

Vasso Vu
Edward Winters
Mona Lacko
Milana Nikic
Nikola Popovic
Tamara Bozic
Ariel Feminism
Karen Vestergaard Andersen
Anja Zivkovic
Vitomirka Trebovac
Igor Balac
Katarina Bosnjak
Ognjen Tadic

Snezana Petkovic

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