28/12/23 OK! It’s been a while since I wrote in my free time section. The past two months felt like a six month journey, and spiritually I’ve been through A LOT. In Gwyneth Paltrow’s words: “I laughed, I cried a number of times...I had many epiphanies.”
I spent a lot of time thinking and feeling and consuming some good stuff:

︎︎︎ Favourite album of this period: Gene Clark No other. And title track No other from the album has to be one of the best songs ever made. Period! I even wrote to my astrologer a text about Gene, and his not-so commercially successful career. So yeah, if you want to have a one sided conversation about Gene Clark hit me up!

︎︎︎ Made a playlist that I think is a folk rock, emo bisexual city cowboy masterpiece. Including the artists I listened to a lot this autumn/winter - Tim Buckley, Nick Drake, George Harrison etc. 

︎︎︎Reading a book of articles by Nikola Tesla published by The Matica Srpska. Feels so good to read Tesla’s thoughts in Serbian. The topics range from his personal memories, early inventions to cosmic forces and their influence on human lives, the power of moon…and so on. I love my autistic king.

︎︎︎I have to mention one of the best cinematic releases (if not the best) of this year - Holdovers. From cinematography to script to acting to music to atmosphere, this film is absolutely perfect. I’m a sucker for 70s and this is how you make a wholesome drama set in this time period. (It's shot on film). Holdovers original motion picture soundtrack album is also a slapper! 

︎︎︎Also, started watching Hitchcock again, and accidentally watched two of his gayest movies - Rebecca and The Rope. Pure excellence!

︎︎︎Speaking of excellence I binged watched Severance (a TV series by Ben Stiller) and boy, oh boy! 10/10 for Ben. The whole package is a chef’s kiss. On the other side of the spectrum is a docuseries I also binge watched on HBO - Love has won. The less you know when starting this the better. The documentary style is nothing special but the plot is actually what sells this ordure bizarre. 

︎︎︎I was never a fan of podcasts BUT I’m obsessed with Andrew Huberman. And what’s better than Andrew Huberman? Andrew Huberman in combination with Rick Rubin. Huge fan of Rubin’s work and work ethic. The duo really has a chemistry in which I love to get lost. So far they did three episodes together and each one is a banger. (Two on Andrew’s channel and one on Rick’s)

︎︎︎ Shoutout to eggs and curcuma, it gotta be one of my favourite egg combinations.

︎︎︎You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometime you’ll find, you get what you need.
I love when Mike Jagger screams this in my face.

︎︎︎Last but not least - this fallen tree is my favourite thinking spot of the season:


01/10/23 One really cool thing happened in the past few months - I spontaneously jumped into music video making. It happened that I filmed four music videos (three of them I directed lol) AND I FREAKING LOVED IT!!! It’s definitely a complete opposite of graphic design, because it’s actually a very social job, and it feels so nice to do something creative in person, with real people in time and space, and not just click and stare at the screen (no diss on the design industry tho). Don't panic, this doesn’t mean that I’m dropping my graphic design practice, I’m just *expanding* it. So yeah, I spent my summer living life and being creative in all 3+1 dimensions.


29/09/23 Sorry about the gap in my resume I was transcending, contemplating, disappearing into the abyss of thoughts about the meaning of life. 


29/08/23 White Sensation parties were the closest thing we had to world peace.


28/08/23 I’m a sucker for 70s cinema. The Wicker Man is a film that was on my watchlist for ages. Last night I watched it with Ognjen, and it blew my mind.

The plot is situated on a small imaginary Scottish island village, which is a vibe for itself. But add to that paganism, orgies, and Christopher Lee monologuing in front of two snails that are making love.
Wicker Man is a folk horror that walked so Midsommer could run. But in contrast to Midsommer, Wicker Man doesn’t have a single gruesome murder happening. Its horror lies in the idea of sacrifice, and that’s where all the tension is.

The movie also draws one especially cool parallel which is a relation between magic and religion. This is not a surprise because the story is based on a study The Golden Bough: A Study in Comparative Religion by Sir James George Frazer. (My copy of this book is on it’s way B-)
 Also, it was in the middle of the film that we realised this is also a musical?? Anyhow, this aspect of the film is very well isolated and portrayed in a NTS special by Andy Votel.
This movie left a good taste in my mouth and I would for sure recommend it! If freak folk is not your subject of choice then just surrender yourself to the iconic imagery of The Wicker Man.

P.s. Christopher Lee wanted this movie to be made so badly that he worked for free. 


25/08/23 This Saturday I had to run errands at NOON on a 40°C (don’t ask). Luckily I downloaded my Jeff Goldbrum playlist to keep me occupied. I made it some time ago and haven’t listened to this one in a while, but after the sizzling hot listening session I can confirm that this is one hell of a playlist. (no pun intended) Funky & disco vibes only, best played on shuffle of course.


24/08/23 Obsessed with Dino Dvornik’s album Svicky (2002). It’s the first album Dino made with a computer, and it’s for sure one of my favourite releases of his. I listened to it 3 times in a row the other day while working. It’s groovy it’s cocky it’s sensual it’s svitcky!
I've been a huge fan of Dino’s music & personality ever since I can remember. The combination of groovy funk, electro, and sometimes crunchy techno mixed with soft Croatian language is definitely healing my soul and rocking my boat.
 If you ever want to make a list of top 10 Dino Dvornik’s songs, hit me up, let’s do it together.


05/08/23 One thing about me, you probably figured out already, is that I love me some good type design. And type design around Bosnia been poppin’. Here is a selection of inspiring designs:


03/08/23 Here comes a shocking fact: I’m from Serbia but I’ve never been to Bosnia. (I mean I was, but it doesn’t count since I was very young and the only thing I remember from that family trip was Tito’s life size painting in my grandaunt’s basement.)

 Anyhow, Maja, Milica and I spent 10 days in Bosnia filming a mockumentary for Maja’s project. The three of us were based in Drvar. There’s a movie called Desant na Drvar (1963) based on a real life events. And from this historically super important city we were travelling to different places like Bihać, Bastasi, Banja Luka, Visoko, Sarajevo.
 I didn’t have much time to prepare for this journey, since I had literally two days between my Croatian island vacation and exotic Bosnia work tour. And honestly now that I look back there wasn’t any way I could prepare myself for what was waiting for us.
 This last sentence sounds super dramatic and inviting, but don’t be fooled - I probably won’t be able to articulate through words the emotions and train of thought we experienced. By “we” I mean Milica and me. (Half of Maja’s family is from Bosnia so she’s familiar with everything)

Ok, since I already wrote a bunch of text and haven’t actually arrived to the point, I’ll just jump into it.

The whole Balkan feels like one country but if you stay long enough you’ll see specific differences that distinguish one country from the other. And Bosnia is a country with three different nationalities & religions living in a small territory, and this cultural flux is visible on every corner. I think that’s why Bosnia felt so familiar yet super exotic. But it’s not even the cultural diversity that shook me the most - it was the nature, energy, and simple farm lifestyle.
While passing through we saw that half of the houses in small places were overgrown by trees and bushes. This is a result of war from the 90s, to which people (in smaller places) refer to like it happened yesterday. I understand that they are constantly reminded of the past since there are remains of it everywhere (bullet holes in the houses, empty schools etc.) It was honestly a scenario I wasn’t prepared for, or a scenario I wasn’t expecting.

Also, what unexpectedly soothed me really well was the rawness and no-bullshit mentality of the people. Drago, Maja’s uncle, gets up at 5am everyday to feed the cattle, and because he has some real work to do…Not like Pharell bullshit Williams who gets up at 5am “to meditate and be grateful for two hours”. The real food chain & circle of life thing is happening out there - a fox ate uncle Drago’s chickens so he had to kill the fox, or last winter wolves attacked the village so the villagers had to hunt and kill the wolves, and things like that. It’s real out there. And as cheesy as it may sound, I felt so alive in that kind of environment, because this lifestyle is closer to human nature than chasing neoliberal capitalist goals. The lifestyle in the cities is of course different, but that’s what I have back home.

My vision of the whole country is shaped by my experience from Drvar and all the smaller places we’ve been to - and I’m okay with a subjective viewpoint like that. Also, Bosnia stole my heart so I know I’ll be back to explore it even more.
 Bosnia is hidden and of the radar (like the rest of the Balkans), and it feels like a well kept secret I discovered this summer. It feels like it’s a gem I want to gatekeep but also share with the world.

To sum up everything here are SOME OF my Bosnia highlights:

︎︎︎First and foremost - Bosnian pyramids. One note is not enough for explaining this place so I’ll be back to the pyramid topic in some future writings. In the meantime, here is a Bosnian Pyraminds TV Channel.
︎︎︎ Klanje and pecenje jareta with Maja’s uncle Drago. Drago is seriously the best host ever!! Every time we came to his house there was a feast waiting for us: Coffee, rakija, homemade bacon, ham, cheese, garlic etc. in combination with some good storytelling! In rural parts of Balkan it is a tradition to slaughter lamb on holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Slava. And when we came Drago slaughtered and roasted jaretinu in our honour. Being the city girls that we are, Milica and I never witnessed such a thing and when the preparation for slaughter began we ran away like little bitches. Few moments later we realised it would be very hypocritical to eat and enjoy eating meat and when we are involved in the actual process of making that food we are running away. So we fuiled ourselves with rakija and came back to help and pay respects to our host Drago.
︎︎︎ Tito’s cave 
︎︎︎ Lounging around on the hills of Klekovaca mountain 
︎︎︎ Bastasi waterfalls and Una river!! Obsessed with Bosnian mountain water.
︎︎︎ Chilling with my friend Ana a.k.a Jackie Ford in her hometown of Banja Luka, and getting to know a bit about the local creative scene first hand. Love you Ana 
︎︎︎ CHEVAPCHICHI! I can finally say that I tried OG Sarajevski AND Banjulcki chevapchici and I can confirm they are definitely better than the ones in Serbia)


31/07/23 I’m coming out as TikToker.


20/07/23 Life in its core is very simple - man was made to vibe, eat fruits and reproduce.
I remind myself of this every time I’m at the beach. This summer I returned to my favorite vacation spot - Island Hvar, Croatia.
While floating on the water I was thinking: Why am I even trying to live in any city when I was born to live next to the sea? 


 11/07/23 I’m still thinking about the epic fish we ate at this place Bojan took us to. God bless čarde! 


 09/07/23 Sometimes you just know you’re witnessing history. That was the case with Najlon after party, organized by my friend Bojan, who played b2b set with Partiboi69 at our local flea market.
At one point I just turned my brain off and surrendered myself to this fever dream.
Few days later, I made this after movie. It’s just a humble glimpse of what went down. Živeli! 


30/06/23 Back home in Novi Sad, dropped Ckandalozni Tresh music video w/ Micka Lifa, filmed Get Down music video w/ Bojan: X-Coast 


21/06/23 Nothing beats a good old boat party, ain’it?
Heat is an indenpended music label based in Amsterdam, and they organize the most insane boat parties. 
Detroit in Effect started playing and the rest was history. 😮‍💨 The combination of old school ghettotech and sunset was something that will be encored in my body for an eternity.
 Messy is the new sexy. 


18/06/23 I got a job in Amsterdam lol so I went there for a week to meet my coworkers and sense the vibe of the office.
I really wanted to be that person who comes to a certain place, does business and mysteriously leaves. As you can guess, that didn’t happen. I had such an amazing and intense time that I had to cancel my ticket and stay for one more week. (Thanks Maja!!)

 Here’s a selection of Amsterdam spring amusements:
 - Boat ride and swimming in the canal with my baby Maja, and her roommate Ivo. To finish our dreamy trip we made a stop for an ice-cream break.
 - Balkan grill party in Ivan’s studio! Chevapchichi, qood music, and even better people. My heart, and tummy were full! 
- Hearing Ronald Langestraat & band live in Garage Noord!! 
 - Midnight steak with my gourmands Haris and Igor  - Spending a day just chilling, gallery visiting, drinking cocktails and eating ramen with my girls Maja and Karla. We saw such a cool exhibition at Kunstplatform De Apotheek. A great mix of paintings and butterfly sculptures. We even spontaneously met graphic designer who makes their posters, and chatted about her process and why design needs to be fun. 
- Going to work to a studio in the centre of Amsterdam to work on designs which are completely out of my comfor zone. YOLO 


 16/06/23 Into reggae & dub lately.

  The legend Lee Scratch Perry in one of my fav Kaleidoscope magazine editorials.  


18/05/23 It’s all gone Peter Thong - Ofc I’m gonna watch a movie about a deaf dj in Ibiza. Killer soundtrack + good story + early 2000s island aesthetic = a masterpiece. I bought earplugs after this movie.


05/23 In the month of May probably the only thing I musically consumed was Fatboy Slim. Another nostalgic name for me personally, and an artist which was part of my family’s playlist for as long as I can remember.
I think Fatboy Slim has cracked the code to life.

 Selected links:
⭑ Legendary. A set list of my dreams. When I shared this link with my dad his comment was “Ahhh the amount of piss in the sea”. Love you dad! 🤣

 ⭑ Definitely an artist with one of the most iconic music videos of all time. This documentary video is short but it gives a cute insight into the process and ideas behind his music videos, mostly from directors/production side. *chef’s kiss*

 ⭑ smiley on top of his house!!!! (It was done for the photoshoot purpose) 

 ⭑ You’ve come a long way baby - love hearing these epic stories and life philosophy straight from his studio.

 ⭑ In my top 3 Fatboy Slim tracks. The music video is so underrated. Can’t believe they censored the song on yt lol


28/3/23 When computers became this hot new thing in a household, I wasn’t very fascinated by it. So at a young age the internet wasn’t really my source of info, rather I got all the news from TV and magazines.
Something that was being turned on the majority of my day was VH1. Don’t know about you but I was definitely a VH1 kid rather than a MTV one. MTV was too "fast food" to me, too hyped and trendy (Even though Pimp My Ride on MTV was one of my fav TV concepts ever). I am also referring to the 2003-2014 VH1 era.

VH1 had the coolest commercial breaks, they were like small tributes to big names in the music industry, past and present. I knew all of them by heart. There was this particular commercial break video which lived in my head for ages when I was a kid: “Tuuu ruuu ruuuuuuuu She’s just a cosmic girl. From another galaxy”. This is how I was introduced to Jamiroquai, and I am so thankful to VH1 for that.

Every time his song was on VH1 I was so excited and fascinated by this cool weirdo with huge hats and funky dance moves. I think that to me as a kid it was super interesting to listen to the sound that was such a nice bridge between old school funk & jazz and contemporary music and aesthetic. Years flew, I stopped watching VH1 because it turned to sh*t, and in high school/academy my taste in music shifted. Consequently, I wasn’t really paying attention to Jamiroquai. I mean I listened to a few hits here and there, but not that passionately. Up until some time ago. That’s when I deeply aligned with what they are doing.

First of all, they have one of the most iconic logos / visual identities. (The logo was btw a doodle made by Jay Kay). The logo is simple and effective and by that - timeless - a philosophy that makes your life so much easier. It kind of reminds me of another legendary visual identity - yes Aphex Twin, but also Absolut Vodka. A silhouette which is adapted to different scenarios/settings/contexts. I also love that the silhouette is a bit tribal and goofy, the character is not quite still but he's not moving either. This logo really stuck with me as a kid. It was comprehensible for younger me and that’s why the older me is thinking how legendary it is to have an identity that can resonate with kids as much as with adults. 

Another iconic part of their identity - Jay Kay’s fashion. Adidas samba, plain pants, sports zip up and a huge hat. My kind of effortless chic!

Also, as a kid (and now!) I was admiring the fusion of Native American symbols and sounds and western culture. That wasn’t something I saw very often as a kid, especially in the sea of dominant y2k pop scene at that time. Even now, this is not something a lot of artists tried to recreate (maybe only in the New Age genre). Couldn’t help but wonder if this mix would even be possible with the whole woke culture thing going on… 
Anyways, the whole groovy & tribal & effortless aura is so alluring to me. So if you ever want to seduce me just serve some goat cheese and play Jamiroquai.

However, what’s the most appealing to me is the carefree energy of all of their early music and videos. The hardest make-up is no-makeup makeup, so of course their music was a result of a huge amount of work, but the overall impression is: guys playing in the studio while the sun is shining and life is good. I mean, no wonder since they literally have the word “jam” in their band name. Even when they are being political, such is the case with Emergency On Planet Earth, they’re being political with a “good vibes only” tone.

Yup, there’s plenty of other feel good music out there but it’s something about Jamiroquai ft. springtime combination for me personally. The spring has officially sprung and I’m trying to do some mental spring cleaning, change my life path a bit and it feels cute to have this small musical escape which transcendent me to the coolest picnic in the park where there is fresh green grass, cold orange juice with ice cubes and every decision seems like a good one. 


22/3/23 Hey guys!! Big announcement - I have a new obsession. And it’s a healthy one - GYM!
If I may be honest with you, for quite some time I wanted to get back to some physical activity, because ever since I quit tennis and yoga I was lacking consistency in my exercises. I went to group training such as TRX, pilates or exercised by myself, but I got bored so easily. UNTILL!! I discovered a gym!! Don’t know why but I was putting off the gym option for years - maybe I was using work as an excuse or maybe I was tripping that I’ll give up after one week. Well, you can all sleep peacefully now because that didn’t happen!!
It’s officially been a month since my gym era began and I am more hyped than ever. And when I’m hyped and obsessed over something I literally become addicted to it, so quitting is not an option, lol.
Gym is such a unique place, everybody is on their own scenario, moaning and sweating. Some come to pose, some come to beat the devil out of their muscles (I'm this 2nd group OFC). I love getting in the role of a “that girl” with my matching gym set, drinking green smoothie after my session. I love that I go to this big fancy gym where I can zone out and get lost in my pain & music. And I always loved the feeling of sore muscles, and now I have it so often - wohoo. Most importantly, my mental state skyrocketed for the better ever since I included gym in my daily routine. For example, when I experience something bad during the day or start to overthink or to worry about my future I immediately go to the gym and after an hour I’m a new person. I forget what I was worrying about. I mean the link between physical activity and mental health is not some new discovery, but this whole thing is such a refreshing feeling for me personally and I don’t know how I lived the past few years without it.
Who knows, maybe I’ll even share my gym routine soon. ୧( ˵ ° ~ ° ˵ )୨

11/3/23 I was offline in Mušići. 
We went there to celebrate the birthday of my favourite Pisces man and mega talented artist - Marko. It was so soothing to be completely disconnected from the city-life and to be surrounded by fields and forest. One night we were watching stars outside and Ivona said “a sky like this reminds me that the Earth is round”.

2/3/23 My favourite it-girl Emma Chamberlain tackles the question Is creativity dead? in her latest podcast episode.

25/2/23  Don’t know if you are a fan of Andy Warhol? No matter what your answer is, I think you should watch the documentary series The Andy Warhol Diaries. I mean you don’t have to ofc, but I highly recommend it, if not for Andy then for all the first-hand / personal archived footage used in the series. The series is obviously based on his diary, which he wrote [actually dictated over telephone to Path who was in the end the editor of the diary] for more than a decade. The narrator is an AI generated Andy Warhol voice. [Which I find both lovely and scary.]
Ever since I read Philosophy of Andy Warhol [which was in high school] I think he is a ***genius*** [in the purest sense of this word].
I am aware how worn out it sounds to call someone a genius. Last week Bojan, a friend of mine, asked me to explain to him in two sentences why Warhol is so important, and at first I tried to stick to this concept while writing but I like to talk a lot about the things I love, and I love Warhol so…we’re not having a two-sentence text this time.  
What I LOVE about him is that he was present in every epic era, starting from the 60s. Andy understood that in order to stay relevant you need to adapt to the needs of the time. However, instead of adapting, each decade he was reinventing what an artist can be and what an artist can do. He was playing with every medium - from manufacturing silk screens and having a cult Factory in the 60s to starting the Interview magazine in the 70s to Andy Warhol TV and MTV show in the 80s [which were actually a prototype of today’s reality shows].
I almost forgot to mention his experimental movies, which were so punk and poetic at the same time. Like every great artist, Andy was a document of a time. He was a document of the periods I can only romanticise about. And while romanticising I am imagining how the art world must have perceived his work. How baffled, sensational and rebellious it must have been.
What emotionally struck me the most while watching the series is actually his love life [that I didn’t even know existed, since he presented himself so asexually] and his relation with queer culture. And his bond with Basquiat!! That's really my soft spot!! There is one part in the 5th episode that I think about a lot; it’s when Basquiat impulsively decided to join Warhol on his trip to Milan and then after the business and partying when it was time to leave  Basquiat was still in his room sleeping and Andy came to his room and took photos of Basquiat with his boner on while he was getting ready and there was some random Italian girl still lying naked in Basquiat’s bed. I mean what a historic moment.
Their friendship was really a play of destiny, and in my honest opinion a peak of 20th century art.
His work is often perceived as rather shallow or as a “critique of consumerism”. Honestly, that was one of the reasons I disliked him at first - I thought he did everything because of money and fame. It was years later, when I matured that I realised that art IS business, baby! just like any other. Andy just broke this pretentious label that art is something sacred, that art should be done for some higher purpose that is beyond materialism.
It made me so emotional to see that aside from all the paint, glam and glitter Andy had this sad and lonely aura over him, which I wasn’t aware of, and art was very often his channel for coping with all of the inner processes. He was inspired by the people around him, and by life itself.

Isn’t it majestic when an artist feels something and then purges it to the point it becomes universal? Andy did exactly that. And I salute to you Andy.

22/2/23  Ok I came back home at the beginning of January.
And how in the hell is already 22nd of February?? I had such an intense start of the year that I just grabbed some time to contemplate and write down my New Year’s resolutions. I won’t give them away because I don’t want to jinx it, but if (when) I fulfill these goals, trust me there will be signs!
Anyhow, one thing I do need to say out-loud is that this year I’m prioritising my personal projects. For the past two years I wasn’t in a position to do so, but the time has come and I feel so empowered and have a huge collection of ideas and to-do list, so can’t wait to start digging into that. First thing on the list is some Scoop magic. 🤭

23/12/22 If you ever wondered where all the hipsters went - They are in cottages drinking organic vine. Like every real cottagecore enthusiast Maya and I went to Het Bas Roept in the north of Netherlands to become one with nature for a few days.

18/12/22 Amsterdam spotlights [not in any particular order, and on-going]

︎︎︎ABCND Store visit. So many cool local fashion designers in one place. Went there with Maja, and we had soooo much fun!
︎︎︎Oficina - forever one of my favourite food, coffee, cocktails spot
︎︎︎The Frozen Fountain - a platform for designers. First floor is a showcase dedicated to interior design. Additionally, they have a cute green gallery on the second floor. Nice vibe. I love coming back here and drool over their funky interior pieces and art collection.
︎︎︎Murmur is a listening bar in the Amsterdam Noord. A friend of mine, Ivan did sound design for them and it is fabulous. This place has a nice transformative energy. It can be a chillout zone in one moment and boom now it’s a party setting. They have a fun cocktail list as well. Also, don’t forget to check out Ivan’s work
︎︎︎Electric Ladyland is a museum of fluorescent art. It’s a museum you don’t know you need in your life. This place is a home to fluorescent minerals from around the world that the owner personally collected. Also, it has a fly collection of psychedelic art saved directly from the 60s/70s. One of the centre pieces is an installation that the owner made himself.
︎︎︎Nobody asked but these are my fav coffee spots: Toki [THE go-to freelancer-friendly place], Yusu [nice setting for your matcha latte], Locals [walk-in coffee place with a chatty owner], Uncommon [they have a no-laptop rule, and I love it!] 
︎︎︎Listening session with an incredible Noemi. She has a CD player & a blasting sound system so I brought to her place that aforementioned CD Mystic voices. We were blown away, to say the least. The music sounds exactly as the cover looks. 
︎︎︎Meeting Sonja and her best friend Milos! With this girl you can start a conversation about business and finish it with a story from her new-age shaman session. Long live ADHD prodigies! 
︎︎︎NHO store - I’m a little bi*ch for curated vintage fashion venues. And this store is crème de la crème. Maja and I drank champagne and tried on fits. I bought this vintage Miss Sixty top. My mom loves it.

18/12/22 Maybe you’ve noticed on my social media that my CD game was crazy these past few days. I got lost in a random Kringloop (a dutch name for a second hand store that sells everything) in Amsterdam Oost and found a CD treasure. What caught my eyes were these two albums - Mystic Voices [Voyage into the new Millennium] and Goldfish by Self-Transforming Machine Elves. I got them for free because they matched my nails.
˚* ੈ✩‧₊˚Nothing happens by accident, and not all who wander are lost. ˚* ੈ✩‧₊˚

15/12/22  In the meantime, Scoop [MY MAGAZINE] is in Austria, being part of a cute little exhibition “Young Serbian Contemporary”, curated by Stanko Gagrčin. This is actually a premiere of Scoop print. But more promotion soon hehe

10/12/22 I went with Maja to Brussels for a quick weekend break. I’ve never been to Brussels before and let me tell you - it’s a vibe. It’s very French and definitely more grungy that The Netherlands [which is not really that hard tho]
The purpose of our visit was Maja’s movie screening which was held at Steffi’s place, who is in the network of people who host art events at their apartments. And it was gorgeous!
Besides this, we managed to visit a few galleries. To be specific - Medusa gallery/collective which is outside the city centre but 100% worth the ride. Non-profit, very hip and contemporary [in a good way]. Also, we visited Wiels - another contemporary art centre. At the time we were there two exhibitions were showing and I only liked the second one - Instrumental by Shimabuku. There was this one work in particular that really stuck with me. It's called Fish & Chips, and it’s about floating potato. Almost forgot to mention that we stopped by Kiosk Radio - a kiosk which gathers music lovers in Parc de Bruxelles.
The real treasure was the friends we made along the way, so I’m very #grateful for all the people we met during this epic long weekend, you know who you are. 

02/12/22 Tbh in 2022 I worked so hard, so I wanted to have a grand finish of this epic year. I packed my bags and went to my fav business & pleasure spot -  Amsterdam. I’ve been coming here annually as a tourist for the past few years, and since last year I’ve became serious about actually moving here. However, this is not really an easy step since I’m not in an EU country. But more about this struggle in the future…
Ok, the point is that when coming here I had some things in mind that I wanted to work on but I did plan to also surrender myself to the universe and just vibe.


19/11/22 Iconic. Don’t skip the most important part 8:36

 18/11/22 In September I curated an exhibition for my talented friend Ognjen Tadic @Kula Gallery [Belgrade]. It was a very fun experience but also a very challenging one since I haven’t curated an exhibition since my art academy years (which was 3 years ago). The final result and feedback we got was beyond our expectations!! We spoke about the expo to Oblakoder magazine [interview is only in  Serbian].
>>See photos here<<

 23/10/22 This is my ultimate leisure time playlist - [Life is a Beach] - carefully curated by me. 😏

 I’m very passionate about the Serbian Neo-Avantgarde scene. Mladen Stilinovic’s In Praise of Laziness [read full text] is still one of my favorite works of art. We can chat about this work in person, but let me just quote something from the text real quick: “There is no art without  laziness.” 

 20/10/22 My biggest wish in life is to be friends with a bear. Not to own a bear but just to visit him in the forest, bring him salmon and chill together. Look at this beyond-Oscar-worthy video
[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddq42IRjK3E] *grasps*

19/10/22 Spending time in nature with my dad is something that fills my batteries to the max! We usually go to Fruska Gora and hike. However, last week we walked through the vineyards in Sremski Karlovci

 15/10/22 Don’t know if watching movies counts as a hobby, but for this purpose let’s say it does. That means - watching movies is my oldest hobby!! Lately, I became a religious user of Letterbox. I love updating my reviews list, but also checking out what my friends are watching. My favorite movie of 2021/22 is [Red Rocket]. 10/10 This intro bought me.

 04/10/22 Started reading Caps Lock by designer/writer Ruben Pater. I haven't finished it yet, but nonetheless I’d say that this book is a must-read, not only for designers, but basically for anybody working in the creative industry. It’s quirky, asks questions and answers them.

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