I did graphic design for ︎︎︎Ashnikko's debut album ︎︎︎Weedkiller
Collaborating closely with the creative director & photographer ︎︎︎Vasso Vu, I worked together to bring our individual visions into harmony. This collaboration involved a synergy of ideas and creative input, ultimately resulting in the visual elements that represent the Ashnikko's debut album.

By doing the graphic design for the Weedkiller I contributed to the visual identity of the album, helping to shape its overall aesthetic and communicate its themes and mood through design elements.

Graphic design
Type design

Weedkiller Standard Recycled Vinyl

Weedkiller Standard Blood Records Vinyl

Weedkiller Box Set that includes 44-page hardcover book with CD, set of 5 art cards, 6 playing cards, and D&D dice in velvet pouch. 

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