About Me

Hi, my name is Ivana Cavic and welcome to my website.
I am a artist and designer working on creating visuals and identities for those involved in the fields of music, arts, culture, and fashion. Earning a degree in photography and arts helped me craft a holistic method in my design practice. My creative process is based on intuition and research, with a specific emphasis on play and experimentation.
In 2020 I founded ︎︎︎Scoop magazine - a platform for off-centre art, culture and lifestyle. My aim with Scoop magazine is to link the local [balkan] underground creative scene with the international one, and other way around.
Never forget - It’s seven years of bad luck if you separate art from the artist..☆.*・*.♪。・゚・。.☆.*


︎︎︎Creative Direction
︎︎︎Graphic Design
︎︎︎Video Production
︎︎︎Type Design
︎︎︎Web Design 

Big Things Coming

︎︎Working on new music videos!
︎︎ Officially started working on new issue of ︎︎︎Scoop

But enough about me, what about You?